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  • How is Essent preparing for the future and how will you?

    08.05.17 | Rondetafel Villa Vught, Laan van Voorburg 1 te Vught

    On 8 May, we organise an interactive session together with Mindtree and Essent on how to transform a traditional organisation into an agile, digital, future-proof organisation.

    Essent, the biggest energy producer and natural gas supplier in the Netherlands, has embarked on a digital transformation journey and is experiencing the difficulties of this process firsthand. Patrick Lammers, CEO, will explain his transformation strategy and is keen to discuss his experiences and the challenges ahead. He will be accompanied by Rostow Ravanan, CEO, Mindtree. Mindtree specialises in assisting organisations in their transformation journey. Mr. Ravanan will share his point of view and key learnings from customers worldwide.

    After an introduction and interactive presentation by Mr. Lammers and Mr. Ravanan there is time for discussion with your peers – all senior leaders from the Dutch industry.

    Essent is currently facing the biggest challenge of its existence till date. Due to the forced break-up of the energy market by the Dutch government, the industry has seen a huge shake-up in terms of existing players and new market entrants. Traditional organisations are forced to transform in order to survive. Patrick Lammers was chosen by principal company RWE AG Group as the person to lead this transformation and to make Essent successful and profitable again. Come and join the discussion on one of the biggest current challenges in the Dutch business world.

    Join us and learn how Essent prepares for the future.


    Agenda - Monday 8 May
    15:30: Reception
    16:00: Round Table Discussion
    18:30: Exclusive Dinner
    20:30: Drinks & Networking

    This session will be held on 8 May, Villa Vught, Laan van Voorburg 1, Vught and organised by ICT Media. There will be sufficient parking spots.

    More information
    If you are interested to attend this exclusive session, please contact Joelle van Pelt (events@ictmedia.nl). This session is on invitation only and attendance is at no cost. A report will be made by our editor-in-chief Hotze Zijlstra and after approval it will be published in one of our IT magazines. The session will be in English.




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