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  • Do you like technology and Formula 1?

    10.04.17 | Rondetafel Milton Keynes, England

    On 10 & 11 April, CIO Magazine will organise an innovation trip to the Red Bull Racing Factory in Milton Keynes (UK) in cooperation with AT&T, an Innovation Partner of Red Bull Racing.

    We will focus on ‘The Agile Enterprise’ during this trip. During the trip we have some inspirational contributions from, among others, Jurriaan Kamer (Agile CIO), but we will also have a private ‘behind the scenes’ tour of the Factory, to see how Red Bull Racing design, develop, manufacture and assemble their racing cars. You’ll also hear a keynote presentation from Al Peasland, Head of Technical Partnerships, Red Bull Racing, about how modern technology contributes to the winning performances of their drivers, including our own Max Verstappen.

    To be successful in Formula 1, a team has to adapt to changes quickly. Through an optimal combination of technology, talent and organisation a team is capable of learning and innovating continuously.

    By using data, cars become one step better after each race so they can stay ahead of the competition. Formula 1 teams are agile organisations that are strictly managed and they have one clear objective: winning the race.

    For most companies this is no different: to cope with the ever faster changing world, aa different way of organising is necessary. This is not a minor change, but a total transformation of the way organisations lead, innovate, develop, finance and attract talent. It is inevitable that existing processes, structures and practices are reinvented in order to become future-proof.

    The implementation of 'agile' is not enough to become truly agile. But then what is? Jurriaan Kamer conducted research at companies like Spotify, Google, Facebook and Airbnb and found 13 characteristics these organisations have in common. During the inspiration session we'll look at these similarities. We will then interactively make them applicable to your organisation.


    Agenda - 10 & 11 April  
    Monday noon: Departure Amsterdam - London (LTN)
    Monday evening: Dinner discussion with speaker Jurriaan Kamer (Agile CIO)
    Tuesday morning:

    • Interactive Workshop Sessions with AT&T Subject Matter Experts: Leon Chang “Agile Redefined” and Rudy Spinola “Security doesn’t exist”
    • Networking Lunch with your peers
    • Keynote Presentation: Al Peasland, Head of Technical Partnerships, Red Bull Racing - highlighting the challenges that face a Formula One team and how Red Bull Racing are using solutions from AT&T to remain competitive.
    • Private Tour of Red Bull Racing Factory to see how the team design, develop, manufacture and assemble their racing cars.

    Tuesday afternoon: Departure London (LTN) - Amsterdam

    The venue of this trip on 10 & 11 April 2017 will be Milton Keynes, England. 

    More information:
    If you are interested in attending this trip, please contact Joelle van Pelt (events@ictmedia.nl). Attending this trip is by invitation only. For compliancy reasons we ask a small contribution for the flight and the hotel stay (max 275 euro in total). Our Editor in Chief, Hotze Zijlstra, will report on this trip. After the report has been approved, it will be published in CIO Magazine.




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